We are almost at Christmas, and if you want to get into the holiday mood, a trip to one of Europe's top Christmas markets is just what the doctor ordered. Norwegians provide recommendations for some of the best Christmas markets within a day's drive or a short plane ride away. In November and December, European vacations are in high demand. Now that many Christmas markets have returned and long weekends, in general, are popular, many people want to get into the Christmas spirit.


Many people consider London the best place to go to the Christmas markets. London is home to numerous Christmas markets, extensive shopping districts, a wide variety of dining options, and exciting nightlife. In light of this, many holiday lovers choose London as their destination. Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland and Leicester Square's Christmas Market are the city's best-known holiday fairs. The Tate Modern Christmas Market is a great place for art lovers to spend the holiday season. In addition, the trendy East London neighborhood of Old Spitalfields Market is a must-see.


Both authentic Hungarian Christmas markets and elaborate light displays may be found in Budapest. You can get authentic Hungarian cuisine and beautiful handicrafts here. Vörösmarty Square and St. Stephen's Basilica are home to two of Budapest's most famous Christmas markets. A smaller, but no less attractive, Christmas market can be found a little further away in Buda Plaza, and as you wander the smaller streets, you'll come across many more such marketplaces.


Several Christmas markets may be found in the heart of the Czech capital, which is also home to some stunning Renaissance architecture. The most well-known one is in the Old Town square, where you can find a wide variety of wares, including traditional Czech Christmas foods, Christmas spices, and other holiday decorations. Another well-attended Christmas market, located in the more recent section of Wenceslas Square, features a wide variety of tasty treats. Havelske trziste, Nameste Miru, and Namesti Republiky are examples of smaller Christmas markets.

Always pay in local currency.

When making purchases or cash withdrawals, using the local currency is always more cost-effective. To make a profit, businesses and ATMs in the destination country provide a much worse exchange rate to customers who don't pay in the local currency.

Use your credit card to make the payments.

Don't pay with a credit card that's associated with your account. If you opt to pay using a credit card, double-check the transaction total before submitting payment to the card issuer. Credit card purchases make it simpler to dispute fraudulent charges and have funds returned in the event of fraud. It's also a good idea to bring two different payment cards in case one gets lost or stolen.

Dare to negotiate

It could be worth your time to haggle for a better bargain at Christmas markets. In many cases, you can save money by purchasing multiple items at once, and this is true even if multiple people are making the purchase.

Nice trip!

Norwegian, Norway's national airline, has nonstop flights to many European cities with Christmas markets and places to shop. 


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