When the show about the exciting Skoda VISION 7S concept vehicle opened on Friday afternoon, people were invited to look around. Over three days, many people came to see the Skoda VISION 7S for the first time in Germany. The head of the DRIVE is Liane Scheinert. Volkswagen Group Forum: "The first time the VISION 7S was shown in Germany was a big hit here in Berlin. The interesting concept car brought many curious people to our representative group office. They wanted to see where Skoda would go in the next few years."

Two people representing the Skoda brand also talked to the guests. Anna Maria Mühe and Oliver Mommsen wanted to get close to the exciting concept vehicle. The Skoda VISION 7S is eye-catching: it has a new tech deck face with new T-illuminated graphics, which are an essential part of its design from the front. A flat roof is better for aerodynamics.

With the VISION 7S, Skoda also shows a more developed concept for the car's interior. With the right mix of haptic and virtual controls, it's possible to make a completely new, natural interface between humans and machines. A large amount of space is typical of a Skoda. The Skoda VISION 7S can fit up to seven people.


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