I am thrilled to share the news about the new 100% electric Ford Explorer. This medium-sized SUV is the first of its kind to be produced in Europe, combining German engineering with Ford's American heritage and paving the way for the new wave of Ford electric vehicles.

The Ford Explorer's design and spaciousness make it ideal for families, adventurers, and city drivers alike. With room for five people and a flexible luggage compartment of approximately 450 liters, this car offers ample space for any journey. Plus, the 17-liter MegaConsole between the front seats can hold a laptop, several 1.5l water bottles, or anything else you need for your trip.

One of the most exciting features of the new Ford Explorer is the 15" adjustable SYNC Move touch screen, which provides access to the car's advanced driver assistance technologies, infotainment system, and wireless charging capabilities for two phones. The SYNC Move system is wirelessly compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing you to stay connected to the outside world.

Charging the Ford Explorer is easy and convenient. The car can quickly charge from 10 to 80% in just 25 minutes, and from next year, you'll have access to approximately 500,000 charging points located throughout Europe via the BlueOval Charge Network.

But the Ford Explorer is not just practical; it's also stunning. The car's clear, futuristic design brings to mind a revolutionary concept car rather than a family car, which is actually the case. The aerodynamic exterior captures the spirit of Ford's iconic American SUV, which has now been transferred to a new electric era. This is made clear by the fact that a new, distinctive front has replaced the traditional grill.

To best demonstrate the Ford Explorer's capabilities, Ford has teamed up with influencer and adventurer, Lexie Alford – also known as Lexie Limitless. As the youngest person ever, she will visit every country in the world as part of a global expedition in the electric Ford Explorer. The global expedition is inspired by the original female explorer, Aloha Wanderwall, who more than 100 years ago set a record with a round-the-world journey in a Ford Model T.

The 100% electric Ford Explorer is Ford's first electric car to be built on a large scale at the new 'Ford Cologne EV Center' in Germany. This comes as part of Ford's commitment to transition to a fully electric model program in Europe by 2030. The Ford Explorer strongly focuses on connectivity, as the SYNC Move infotainment system keeps you connected to the outside world.

But the Ford Explorer is more than just practical and beautiful; it's also convenient. The car can help point you to the most obvious charging points on the route while charging at home can be advantageously planned for the period when electricity is cheapest. Plus, a number of functions help to ensure that your trip in the Ford Explorer is as pleasant as possible, such as the possibility of a pre-heated cabin, heated front seats and steering wheel, and even a massage in the driver's seat.

The new 100% electric Ford Explorer is available in select and Premium variants and is priced at around $49,776. You can reserve a place in the queue to be among the first to order the new electric car today. So don't wait any longer – discover new horizons with the 100% electric Ford Explorer, and lead the way for Ford's electric future.


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