The two new models of the Peugeot 308, the sedan and the station wagon, are already available as electrified plug-in hybrids and will be offered as a 100 percent electric model from 2023. Peugeot will be the first European car manufacturer to offer a 100 percent electric station wagon variant. The Peugeot 308 and Peugeot 308 SW electric cars are powered by a unique electric motor that produces 115 kW (156 hp) and, depending on equipment, has a range of over 400 kilometers. The unique look of the Peugeot 308 is combined with the driving pleasure characteristic of the lion brand and a segment-leading efficiency with an average consumption of 12.7 kWh/100 km combined. The Peugeot e-308 and Peugeot e-308 SW electric cars are available in Allure and GT trim levels and will be launched in mid-2023.

The configuration of the latest Peugeot e-308 and Peugeot e-308 SW electric cars is characterized both by the Peugeot DNA and by the dynamic and elegant lines. The longer bonnet emphasizes the silhouette, and the contours are sleek and distinctive. The new lion brand coat of arms adorns the center of the radiator grille. The construction of the interior has been optimized. Up front, the characteristic light signature frames the matrix LED headlights on the Peugeot 308 and Peugeot 308 SW, as well as the three-claw, LED lights on the hatchback.

The new 18" aluminum wheel has been specially designed for the Peugeot 308 and Peugeot 308 SW electric cars. Its aerodynamic efficiency is designed to optimize performance.

A new all-electric motor is used in the 2023 Peugeot e-308 and Peugeot e-308 SW electric cars: with 115 kW (156 hp) and 260 Nm of torque (available from 0 km/h) for immediate response. The new electric motor ensures quiet, vibration-free driving without CO 2 emissions. The new electric motor complements the current Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid.

The automatic transmission of the Peugeot e-308 and Peugeot e-308 SW electric cars optimizes the range while offering a high level of performance with responsiveness typical of electric motors.

The battery is a latest-generation 54 kWh lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 51 kWh. The battery operates at 400 volts and has a range of over 400 km.

Efficiency was the focus of the Peugeot e-308 and Peugeot e-308 SW engineering teams. Low average energy consumption could be achieved through joint developments in relation to the engine, battery, aerodynamics as well as weight optimization (EMP2 platform), and class A tires. This is 12.7 kWh per 100 km, a top value among 100 percent electric vehicles in the C segment.

In order to make energy consumption as efficient as possible, you can also choose between the driving modes Eco, Normal, and Sport. Thanks to the Active Safety Brake Plus automatic emergency braking, including front collision warning, the deceleration when releasing the accelerator pedal can even be increased in order to optimize energy recovery (detects pedestrians and cyclists, day and night).

The standard three-phase onboard charger with an output of 11 kW includes a charging solution that is suitable for all charging processes. At a public 100 kW charging station, the vehicle can be charged from 20 percent to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes. 

The 2023 Peugeot e-308 and Peugeot e-308 SW electric cars are equipped with driver assistance systems that allow comfortable and safe driving. The Peugeot e-308 and Peugeot e-308 SW electric cars offer the latest generation of the Peugeot i-Cockpit.

The focus is on the exceptional finishing of the interior, the fully configurable virtual i-Toggles, and connectivity. One of them is the latest i-Connect Advanced technology that makes the driving and traveling experience even more intuitive.

A string of benefits are available for comfort: the MyPeugeot app can be connected to the vehicle, schedule a remote charge or start thermal preconditioning remotely.

The Free2Move e-Solutions app makes it feasible to plan the journey, particularly by anticipating the charging phases, thanks to the integration of the charging stations present along the route.


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